About the Backyard Nature CenterOwners Nick and Cathy Clausen

Nick and Cathy Clausen own the Backyard Nature Center. It has been in operation for over 30 years in Wichita. They are avid backyard bird watchers, nature lovers, and Master Gardeners with the Sedgwick County Extension Service. Nick and Cathy have been married for 45 years with three daughters and four grandchildren. Nick and Cathy stress the importance of enjoying the native wildlife and can help enhance your own backyard nature experience.

Remembering Ruby

Our dear store kitty, Ruby, passed away in May. Ruby was 18 years old and she had a wonderful life here at the store. Even folks who were not cat lovers sought her out to say hello or asked about her. Some even brought her toys, though her frisky days had gone by.

Ruby and her brother Mobi were dumped behind the store at the tender age of 6 weeks old and with a loaf of torn up bread to sustain them. Can't imagine who would do a thing like that but we were so lucky to have them both in our lives for so long. The store seems empty for sure with no sweet tiny black kitty to greet us but she will hold a place in our hearts forever.